Free sex means sexual activity with a partner without marriage bound. Free sex is forbidden by any religion. Norms in society also stated sex is a forbidden act. Couples who have sex will get a penalty, either in law or state law society.1. Causes of sex-Free CultureFree sex culture arise from interactions between men and women who are free. A free association between men and women usually lead to sexual activity even though they are not married to. In fact, men and women who have not tied the marriage should not be sexual activity.Negative factors such as the spread of information-themed pornography in the media and the lack of moral cultivation of religion, is partly cultural factors that led to the emergence of free sex.

2. Free Sex DangersFree sex is very dangerous, because it is contrary to the norms of religion, society, also states, pregnant out of wedlock, easily contracted venereal disease and susceptible to other infectious diseases.Here are some of the risks of free sex:a. The loss of virginity and virginityPhysical indications that clearly occur in women, ie, tearing of the hymen.b. AddictionSince it was felt the pleasure, then it is easy to come taste addiction, always wanted to do, repeat, and the more difficult to control yourself.c. GestationFree sex can result in pregnancy when the couple was not bound by marriage. Usually caused by pregnancy-free sex is an unwanted pregnancy.d. Abortion with all the risksIf intercourse has been fruitful pregnancy, then usually the couple will perform abortions (abortion). They think abortion is the best way to cover the disgrace and shame to the surrounding community. They are also not ready for married life. Risks of abortion include bleeding, infection, sterility, even death.e. Transmission of venereal diseases and HIV / AIDSVenereal disease transmitted through sexual contact. The risk of contracting venereal disease greater when frequent sexual intercourse multiple partners. Sexual relations outside of marriage at risk of contracting venereal disease because it can not ensure their partner is not so diseased or greater chance of contracting.f. Reproductive tract infectionsAdolescent girls who are sexually active under the age of 20 years and frequently changing partners prone to cervical cancer.g. Feelings of shame, guilt, guilty and worthlessThose who have fallen on free sex usually always in rundung guilt.Feelings of shame and guilt increasingly emerging as his or her partner in the know are pregnant but has not officially become husband and wife. Not only culprit that gets disgrace but his extended family had come to get a sense of shame as well.3. How to avoid casual sexFree sex is very easy to avoid. If we have understood quite harmless casual sex, then we will try to avoid it. Strengthen the faith is a strong fortress to avoid free sex. In addition, we also have to limit intercourse between men and women are not to be too free. Usually free from the association that this will lead to a desire to have sex freely.Attention from parents is also important to avoid free sex.Parents are always supervise their children socially so as not to fall into this adverse association.Free sex culture is not a culture of Indonesia. Free sex is contrary to the norms prevailing in the community. For that, we must reject the culture of casual sex, because it does not fit with our personality.Free sex generated a lot of disadvantages than advantages. The teenagers who are victims of sexual usually often feel guilt-free.Report increased out of wedlock pregnancies in teenagers are very worried about us. Moral collapse is a reality that must be faced as a result of this free sex culture.May God take care of you with piety!

"And come not nigh to fornicationfact that adultery is a heinousactAnd a bad road"[QS. Al-Isra '32]

"Truly Prosperous people who believe-until verse-And those whokeep his cockexcept for their wives or slaves that they have;then surely they are in this case there is no blame.[QS.Al-Mu'minun: 1-6]

"The real in front of you would slander like a lot of pitch-dark night,one becomes a believer in the morning and become infidels in the afternoona believer in the afternoon and become infidel in the morning." [HR. Abu Daud]

"It would seem an act fahisah (adultery) on a people until theyannounce it unless they are overwritten infectious diseases andother diseases that has never existed on the people beforethem." [HRIbn Majah]

"Truly the ugliest man standing in the sight of Allah on the Day of Judgement is a person who has intercourse with his wife and the wife have intercourse with her husbandthen spread the secret ofher husband." [Reported by Muslim from Abi Said al-Khudri]

"If the husband asked the wife to sleep and then he refuses, thenher husband was angry at him, then the angels will curse her tillmorning." [HR. Agreed alaih]


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